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Evan’s Story

As a Guelph Succession Planning expert, Evan MacKinnon draws from a rich experience in running a multi-million dollar business, overcoming personal challenges and connecting deeply with others, he has become a speaker of choice for companies, association meetings, and men’s groups among other audiences.

Because he has navigated his company through the best and worst of times, Evan is also called up by business owners and other leaders for his invaluable coaching and business succession planning (having personally walked through succession planning in his own business a number of times. He focuses on helping those he coaches to achieve significant results in both the business and personal lives while strengthening the business owner’s family relations.

Success Stories

“I have been associated with Evan MacKinnon for more than 30 years and during that time have worked directly with him on many industry issues and related campaigns. Evan is a proven industry leader, who speaks with confidence and does not shy away from the sensitive subjects including the real-life, personal issues that business leaders must also contend with. If you want to improve your business, I highly recommend Evan to speak to and/or coach your company leaders.” David Bradley Chairman & CEO of Canadian Trucking Alliance

“Evan is not just someone well versed in the challenges of business and life – he is someone who really cares for others – for their well being and their success. It’s this combination of experience and concern that allow him to connect authentically and deeply with the hearts and minds of others to bring hope, perspective, and often a new way of being!”Amanda Levy Positive Workplace

“Evan has been a tremendously valuable coach, mentor and friend to me, and he’s truly gone above and beyond in all areas, including both personally and in my business. Thanks to his coaching, this year I doubled my business’ gross income from last year while increasing my profit margin to well above industry standard. Evan is a key player to have on your team, and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business and improve efficiency.”Benjamin Pickard, B.Sc. Kin, CSCS Lean Strong Fitness

Learn From Top Succession Planning Guelph, Evan MacKinnon

If you are an entrepreneur and you have not reached a point of satisfaction with your marketing, revenue generation, personal efficiency, or financial freedom, then it is time to work with the top Guelph succession planning expert and business coach Evan MacKinnon. Most business owners start businesses in order to achieve both time freedom and financial freedom. In pursuit of achieving these goals, entrepreneurs often find themselves trapped working in their business and enslaved to their organization with no freedom. In an attempt to develop their own business to achieve freedom, business owners find themselves in just another job with loads more stress and risk.

As a top Guelph succession planning expert, Evan challenges businesses to determine what kind of life they want to live. Evan partners with business owners to help answer the difficult questions that are necessary to ask and highly imperative to answer. This process begins with challenging leaders to ask themselves why? Evan wants to help answer the why question – why do you want to own a business? Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to live the kind of lifestyle you want to live? After spending many years as a CEO of a multimillion dollar transportation company and quickly rising to become an expert business speaker Guelph, Evan believes that everything starts with answering the why.

By determining the why to these questions, Evan partners with business owners to help them focus on their highest and best use. This will allow them to begin to execute the answers to their why. As a top Guelph succession planning expert, Evan helps entrepreneurs dedicate their time and attention towards those things are the most important. He helps them implement a priority management system and structured schedule of time blocking which will allow entrepreneurs and business owners to operate at their maximum potential. By executing the simple first step business owners have found that they are able to increase their profits and maximize results.

While answering the why is such an important question, it is only the beginning of achieving desirable results. After establishing a why that provides a sense of purpose, Evan helps business owners establish their revenue goals. Without clear cut revenue goals, entrepreneurs become aimless and drift towards dysfunction and confusion. With established revenue goals, the best Guelph succession planning expert Evan MacKinnon can help businesses create a clear path to success. He can help them determine what activities they need focus on the most that accomplishes their revenue goals. By closing the circle and minimizing ambiguity, Evan keeps business owners accountable to their established goals.

Widely regarded as the best Guelph succession planning expert, Evan MacKinnon then helps business owners determine the number of hours that they are willing to work on their business. The great American inventor Thomas Edison once said, “We often miss opportunity because it stress and overalls and looks like work.” Through establishing the number of hours a business owner is willing to work on their business, Evan helps determine a clear path and timeline to success. It is too often that entrepreneurs get stuck working in their business and never work on their business. When they fail to work on their business they fail to allow their business to grow in scale.

From here, Evan then assist business owners in determining their unique value proposition. Without an established unique value proposition, businesses will become invisible in the marketplace. Their competitors will cause them to not stand out and seem unique. Without being able to convey value that sets your business apart from your competitors, it will be impossible to attract new customers. Guelph succession planning expert Evan MacKinnon realizes how important it is to determine this unique value proposition.

After determining one’s value, Evan works with businesses to improve their branding and implement a three-legged marketing stool. Michael Levine, PR consultant to Nike, Pizza Hut, and many other world-renowned organizations, introduced the idea of the Tiffany Theory. Michael Levine’s Tiffany Theory states, “If you give someone a present and you give it to them in a Tiffany box that they’ll believe that the gift has a higher perceived value…” Taking this concept, leading Guelph succession planning expert Evan Mackinnon helps organizations develop a higher perceived value in the marketplace that is able to attract more customers. He then helps them build a three-legged marketing stool so that they can generate leads from many different sources.

The next and perhaps most important step in Evan’s coaching system is developing a sustainable and re-duplicatable sales conversion process. While many organizations can successfully generate new leads, a common limiting factor they have is not being able to close deals. After successfully leading a multimillion dollar organization with hundreds of employees, and becoming the most notable Guelph succession planning expert, Evan specializes in helping business owners develop their sales conversion process. He is able to partner with the best salesperson in any business (usually the business owner) and build a system around the way that business owner closes deals. This will allow other people in the organization to imitate the business owner and become equally effective at closing.

After spending many years in business, Evan also knows what it takes to effectively manage an executive team. He will help you develop quarterly action plans for your executive team to follow that allow them to execute their goals. Evan will show you how to inspire your staff and your executive team to motivate them to work with a sense of purpose. After leading an organization with 450 employees, Evan is an expert at recruiting top talent. He’ll show you the proven strategies and best practices that allow you to higher, inspire, and navigate firing when necessary.

By booking Evan as your business coach or Guelph succession planning expert, your business will be able to go from barely surviving, to thriving. The process starts with answering the question of why?. From there, Evan will help you establish your revenue goals and the number of hours you’re willing to work on your business. He’ll then improve your branding which will allow you to have an effective three-legged marketing stool. He’ll work with you closely to develop sustainable sales conversion systems and repeatable processes to close more deals and fulfill more orders. Finally, he will help you navigate through the difficult waters of managing an executive team and staff and keep your team inspired.