Evan MacKinnon has personally navigated through 3 family succession planning processes (with his grandfather, father, and most recently, his son). In addition to being very astute in how to direct attorneys and accountants to help avoid the business succession pitfalls, Evan equips family members at all levels and roles involved in the business succession planning process to properly manage the emotional and practical aspects of this complicated event.

If you want to best plan for your business succession planning or are right in the middle of the succession planning process, contact Evan for an initial consultation. He plays a vital role in helping you see and prepare for this very involved and many times, emotional chapter in your business and family life.

What Succession Planning Guelph Can Do for You

Running a business can be demanding in light of all the business owner’s other responsibilities such as being a husband, father, and community leader. At times, it’s difficult just to keep up with keeping the business profitable and on track. Inevitably, there comes a time when the owner has to transfer the ownership and operation of the business to a buyer, or more frequently, to a family member or members. This is where Succession Planning Guelph comes in to help you avoid misunderstandings, costly mistakes and disenfranchised family members.

Are you close to the end of owning and running your business or are you still decades away from making this transition? In either case, Succession Planning Guelph can assist you on making sure your goals in this transition are clear and properly set up to be pursued and achieved. Through our powerful planning process, you can gain peace of mind as well as set up your children to avoid unnecessary conflicts, control issues and money skirmishes.

This means Succession Planning Guelph focuses on your goals and desires for your business, financial, and
personal needs. More specifically, Succession Planning Guelph strives to position you to leave the business, or
partially leave the business only when you desire, with the money you decide you need, and to transfer
ownership of your business to the best possible successor of your choice. At Succession Planning
Guelph, rather than adjusting your goals to fit into a pre-existing strategy, Succession Planning Guelph
produces with you the strategies to meet your goals, giving you both more control all while providing
freedom over how you approach your business succession plan, regardless of which Succession Path you

At Succession Planning Guelph, we achieve creativity in assisting you with your ideal succession plan by
focusing on the three very critical areas of any successful succession plan. Succession Planning Guelph
will assist you in identifying the significant differences between Control of the business, Ownership of
the business and the Role you and you successor/s play in the daily operation of the business.
Succession Planning Guelph believes these are three critical and very separate distinct areas which
enhance the creativity of all Succession Planning Guelph assignments.

This owner-focused style of Succession Planning Guelph leads to many positive results and the ultimate
peace-of-mind Succession Planning Guelph can provide for you and all stakeholders.

As a successful business owner, you’ve likely spent most of your life managing the daily challenges of
your business. You had a vision of success and took the necessary risk and responsibilities to pursue it.
You’ve rarely left things to fate or chance. Succession Planning Guelph can extend those efforts into the
future of the business and beyond to ensure nothing about the businesses future is left to fate. When
owners commit to Succession Planning, their life becomes much more intentional with who does what when and with their financial control and management. That’s because Succession Planning Guelph processes use key information about the company as it currently exists with the owner’s desires to create a transition that best serves you and the new owners of the business.

From growing your company’s value, to installing strong management teams, to identifying and capitalizing on competitive
advantages, Succession Planning Guelph works to keep you in control and on course. Succession
Planning Guelph helps you mitigate the effects of fate or chance on your succession, increasing the
amount of control you retain and ensuring the success of the process.

Succession Planning Guelph helps you to create of a supportive team of experts, rather than relying on just one expert bearing the entire
load of your Succession Planning process. While your Succession Planning Guelph Advisor will direct and coordinate your Succession Planning efforts, based on your desires and needs. As your Succession Planning Guelph Advisor, Evan MacKinnon can help put you assemble a team of experts that get thoroughly familiar with the specifics and nuances of your business to guide you through the Succession Planning Guelph process much more effectively.

For many successful business owners, their business succession plans are a defining event. They’re the
culmination of their lives’ work, and can will inevitably affect their businesses, their families, and even
their communities. Succession Planning Guelph addresses this by drilling into what you need and want
for you to consider your business succession and ultimately your exit and post-exit life successful.

When you’re ready to discuss the inevitable process of Succession Planning Guelph and the positive
results attainable by utilizing a Succession Planning Guelph Advisor, and how Succession Planning
Guelph will fit in your busy schedule, contact us for a consultation today.